Package Pricing Available

Fully developed subdivision in the award winning Pringle Creek Community. Package discounts available ranging from 30-50% off of original listing price. Seller will consider replat or modified layout options. There are several available commercial, single family, multifamily, and live/work lots available. All buildings and homes to be built at a LEED Silver minimum. Several build ready plans are available.

If you are looking for a finished home we would be glad to help match your needs with one of our preferred builders and deliver you your custom dream green home! Contact list broker for pricing information and see the link below for community information and documents. 

Available Housing Options Per Lot

AH: Attached Home

SF: Single Family Narrow Lot

RH: Rowhouse

CH: Carriage House

LW: Live & Work Loft

NZ: Net Zero Home

TH: Tallhouse

CO: Cottage

Lot #'s & Housing Options
4 SF-NZR3410431745 John Muir Cr4901
5 SF-NZR3410441755 John Muir Cr4901
6 SF-NZR3410451765 John Muir Cr4901
7 SF-NZR3410461775 John Muir Cr4821
8 COTTAGER3410471785 John Muir Cr3001
9 COTTAGER3410481789 John Muir Cr2148
10 COTTAGER3410491793 John Muir Cr2167
11 SF-NZR3410501797 John Muir Cr4389
12 COTTAGER3410511809 John Muir Cr3599
13 COTTAGER3410521819 John Muir Cr2914
19 COTTAGER3410581867 John Muir Cr2645
20 COTTAGER3410591871 John Muir Cr2501
21 SF-NZR3410601864 John Muir Cr4579
22 SF-NZR3410611768 John Muir Cr5070
31 ATTACHEDR3409821811 Cousteau LP1909
32 ATTACHEDR3410661821 Cousteau LP1564
33 ATTACHEDR3410671831 Cousteau LP1646
34 ATTACHEDR3410681841 Cousteau LP1628
45 THR3410771844 Cousteau LP3015
46 THR3410791852 Cousteau LP2952
47 THR3410801860 Cousteau LP2970
48 THR3410811868 Cousteau LP3077
49 THR3410821876 Cousteau LP3265
50 THR3410831884 Cousteau LP3451
53 THR3410863971 Village Ctr Dr3065
54 TRIPLEXR3410873981 Village Ctr Dr6605
58 LLR3409883955 Cousteau Dr1255
59 LLR3409893949 Cousteau Dr853
60 LLR3409903943 Cousteau Dr1353
61 LLR3409913937 Cousteau Dr1353
62 LLR3409923931 Cousteau Dr852
63 LLR3409933925 Cousteau Dr1468
64 LLR3409943973 Cousteau Dr1239
65 LLR3409953961 Cousteau Dr1802
66 LLR3409963967 Cousteau Dr1392
67 ATTACHEDR3409973919 Cousteau Dr1667
68 ATTACHEDR3409983913 Cousteau Dr1683
69 ATTACHEDR3409993907 Cousteau Dr2132
70 ATTACHEDR3410003901 Thoreau Ave2209
71 ATTACHEDR3410012154 Thoreau Ave2098
72 ATTACHEDR3410022144 Thoreau Ave1868
73 RHR3410032134 Thoreau Ave1774
74 RHR3410042124 Thoreau Ave1053
75 RHR3410052114 Thoreau Ave1708
88 RHR3410182116 Audubon Ave1855
89 RHR3410192126 Audubon Ave1200
90 RHR3410202138 Audubon Ave1198
91 RHR3410212146 Audubon Ave1972
93 ATTACHEDR3410233868 Cousteau Dr2174
94 ATTACHEDR3410243858 Cousteau Dr2027
95 SFR3410253848 Cousteau Dr1899
96 SFR3410263828 Cousteau Dr1975
97 ATTACHEDR3410273818 Cousteau Dr2043
98 ATTACHEDR3410283808 Cousteau Dr2093
99 SFR3410292155 Audubon Ave3244
100 SFR3410302156 Audubon Ave2397
101 SFR3410312175 Audubon Ave2463
102 SFR3410322185 Audubon Ave2590
103 3 UNITS SEQUOIA GRR3410332195 Audubon Ave8025
104 SFR3410342052 Audubon Ave2359
105 SFR3410352042 Audubon Ave1645
106 SFR3409412032 Village Ctr Dr1550
107 SFR3409422022 Village Ctr Dr1550
108 SFR3409432012 Village Ctr Dr1750
109 ATTACHEDR3409443702 Village Ctr Dr2501
110 ATTACHEDR3409453712 Village Ctr Dr2150
111 RHR3409463722 Village Ctr Dr1857
112 RHR3409473732 Village Ctr Dr1337
113 RHR3409483742 Village Ctr Dr1748
114 ATTACHEDR3410363762 Village Ctr Dr2540
115 ATTACHEDR3410373772 Village Ctr Dr2296
116 ATTACHEDR3410383782 Village Ctr Dr2018
117 ATTACHEDR3410393792 Audubon Ave2086
118 RHR3410402125 Audubon Ave1811
119 RHR3410412135 Audubon Ave1264
120 RHR3410422145 Audubon Ave2073